The designer plays with materials, eras, and customs and accompanies the bride-to-be into a romantic and sensual world with a fairytale flair.


The Regency era is the inspiration behind the collection, symbol of the candid and ingenuous romanticism that animated the salons, made up of fleeting glances, light touches, and unspoken desires.


Victorian lines mix with fluid lace, embroidered tulle with an empire waist give life to precious dresses with ethereal and timeless lines, almost dreamlike, conveying to the bride the sweetness of atmospheres full of pathos, made of walks through flower gardens and carriage rides.


Plumetis tulle, Valenciennes trimmings, and full stitch embroidery with floral blooms create designs that appear to come out of the most beautiful timeless fairy tales and enhance the bride’s vivid feelings of the ultimate romantic day.



Fabrics and materials suggest shapes and impressions to the designer


Artistic heritage and eras find expression in the collections